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QuickBooks is not responding, when you click to open or close a company file

When you click to open a company file, you see the message "QuickBooks is not responding." The computer appears to be locked up and the cursor is an hour glass.

When you see this condition, the Task Manager may indicate that QuickBooks is not responding. Do not click End Task until at least ten (10) minutes have elapsed to be sure that QuickBooks will not continue.

Why this is happening

A possible cause is that your Memorized Transaction list contains damaged memorized transactions.

How to fix it

Test a sample company:

  1. Restart QuickBooks while suppressing the desktop.
  2. Open a sample company: From the No company open window select the first company from the Open a sample file drop-down.
  3. From the Edit menu, select Preferences, Desktop View, My Preferences
  4. Dot the choice for Don't save the Desktop. Click OK. (This will bypass loading the desktop for the problem company.)
  5. Try opening the problem company again, from the File menu.
  6. If the sample company file opens without QuickBooks locking up, but the problem company fails, continue troubleshooting.


Troubleshooting damaged memorized transactions:

  1. With QuickBooks closed, double-click the time display in the Windows task bar and reset the computer's system date back one year, i.e., change August 1, 2015  to August 1, 2014.
  2. Start QuickBooks and open the company company file.
  3. Select Lists in the menu bar, then Memorized Transaction List.
  4. Select View in the menu bar, then Re-sort List.
  5. Review the list to see which transactions contain a checkmark in the Auto column. Double-click one of them.
  6. When the transaction opens, print it for later use.  After printing the transaction(s), be sure to close the transaction without saving it. Repeat for each transaction that has an automatic setting.
  7. Delete memorized transactions that have automatic entry settings. Click the name of the affected transaction and select the Memorized Transaction button.
  8. Select Delete Memorized Transaction.
  9. Exit QuickBooks.  
    1. Reset the system date and time settings.
    2. Start QuickBooks.
  10. Reopen the company file that had the lock up issue.
  11. If the company file opens up successfully, reenter the deleted memorized transactions using the printed copies made in step 6 as a reference.



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8/25/2016 6:21:00 PM
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