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Using the Payroll Item list

How do I display this list?

Go to the Lists menu and click Payroll Item List.

What you store in this list

The Payroll Item list holds the payroll items that are currently set up in QuickBooks. The list is initially grouped by item type, but you can resort by item name.

What are payroll items?

QuickBooks uses payroll items to track individual amounts on a paycheck and accumulate year-to-date wage and tax amounts for each employee. There are payroll items for compensation, taxes, other additions and deductions, and employer-paid expenses. You can assign these payroll items to different accounts as needed.

When the payroll feature is turned on, QuickBooks creates payroll items for federal taxes and advance EIC for you. To fully track your payroll, you may need to add more payroll items to the list. For example, you can add payroll items for state withholding, state disability, state unemployment, other state taxes, local taxes; employee deductions of any kind; additions (such as employee loans); commissions; and company-paid expenses (such as company-paid health insurance).

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Managing your payroll items

Click Payroll Item at the bottom of the list to add, edit, hide, or delete payroll items. You can make a payroll item inactive, print the list, and more.

To choose activities or view reports related to this list, click Activities and Reports at the bottom of the list.

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