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Configuring multi-user access requires Windows Admin rights

 To access company files, the QuickBooks database system user must be logged in to Windows with Administrator privileges.

Detailed instructions

To set Administrator privileges:

  1. Close QuickBooks.
  2. Click the Windows Start button and choose Control Panel.
  3. Open User Accounts.
    • Windows 7: Click Manage User Accounts
  4. Double-click the QBDataServiceUserXX for your version of QuickBooks: 
    • QuickBooks 2016:  QBDataServiceUser26
    • QuickBooks 2015: QBDataServiceUser25
    • QuickBooks 2014: QBDataServiceUser24
    • QuickBooks 2013: QBDataServiceUser23
  1. Click the Group Membership tab.
  2. Select Other and click the drop-down arrow to select Administrators.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Open QuickBooks and refer to Start or stop multi-user hosting to start or stop multi-user access.





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