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Use Bank Feeds in QuickBooks Desktop

Bank Feeds is the new Online Banking feature in QuickBooks Desktop. The visual aspect of the online banking feature has been changed significantly, providing more room to work in and using color to highlight different transactions and features.


What's new for Bank Feeds?

  • Save time! Easier setup of your Online Accounts (just 4 easy steps from start to finish).
  • Ease of use! Fonts are easier to read and use of color makes matching transactions easier than ever.
  • Rules are improved! You can now set rules to rename and classify transactions to accounts.
Detailed instructions

In QuickBooks 2014 and later, there is no more Side by Side mode (QuickBooks 2009-2013).  Instead you can choose between Express Mode (aka Bank Feeds which is new for 2014) or Classic Mode (Register Mode from 2008 and below).

Note: All functionalities from Side by Side mode is present in Express Mode. Express Mode is just easier to use and more robust!

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