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Write off bad debt

To do this task

  1. Before writing off bad debt, make sure your A/R Aging Detail report is clean

  2. If necessary, create an account for Bad Debt in your Chart of Accounts.

    1. Go to the Company menu and click Chart of Accounts.

    2. Click the Account button at the bottom of the list and then click New.

    3. Click Expense and then click Continue.

    4. If you are using account numbers, enter the account number in the Number field.

    5. In the Account Name field, enter Bad Debt.

    6. Click OK.

  3. Record the bad debt.

    To do this task

    1. Go to the Customers menu and click Receive Payments. Shortcut

    2. Select the name of the customer from whom you incurred the bad debt.

    3. Leave the amount field at 0.00.

    4. Click on the line item that will not be paid to highlight it.

    5. Click Discount & Credits.

      Your bad debt expense account should already appear in the Discount Account field on the Discounts tab.

    6. Enter the amount of the bad debt in the Amount of Discount field.

    7. Click Done in the Discount and Credits window.

      Note: The procedure described above does not affect your sales tax liability.

    8. In the Receive Payments window, save the bad debt transaction.

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