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Print pay stubs

When to print pay stubs

If you don't print your paychecks on voucher checks, you can still provide your employees with paystub information by printing paystubs. QuickBooks always prints paystubs in a landscape orientation.

To do this task

  1. Go to the File menu, choose Print Forms, and then click Pay stubs.

  2. Review the list of paychecks and their dates:

    • If you want to open the paychecks from a different payroll account, click the Bank Account drop-down arrow and choose that account.

    • If you want to display paychecks with a check date from a different date range, specify a new date range in the Checks Dated and Thru fields.

  3. Select the paychecks for which you need pay stubs:

    • Separate regular paychecks from Direct Deposit paychecks.

      To do this task

      • To open and print only regular paychecks, go to the Show options and click Paychecks.

      • To open and print only direct deposit paychecks, go to the Show options and click Direct Deposit.

        Note: You must have an active subscription to QuickBooks Payroll with Direct Deposit activated to send direct deposit paychecks to your employees.

    • Manually select the paychecks you want to print.

      • If you don't want to print a particular item in the list, click it to clear the checkmark.

      • If you only want to print a few of the items, click Select None. Then individually click next to the items you want to print.

  4. Click OK.

    (Optional) Select a different printer or font.

  5. Specify the number of copies to print, and click Print.

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