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About preparing Microsoft Word letters using QuickBooks data

Using QuickBooks and Microsoft Word, you can prepare a variety of letters for the people with whom you do business. To get you started, QuickBooks includes a set of prewritten letters that you can send to customers, vendors, employees, and others. You can modify the letters to suit the needs of your business, and even create new letters.

How does QuickBooks prepare the letters?

QuickBooks lets you select the letter recipients and pick the type of letter you want to send. Each letter type corresponds to a template (created in Microsoft Word) that combines text with QuickBooks fields.

QuickBooks creates a Word document containing the letters, each one starting on a new page, and fills the fields with data pertinent to each recipient. For instance, a collection letter includes the customer's name, outstanding balance, and list of overdue invoices.

To do this task

  1. Click the type of letter you want to prepare:

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